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Tips in choosing batteries

Hammer Test for LUXA2s power packWEB products

Tips in choosing the best power bank for your digital life!

LUXA2, a power, audio and holder solutions, their very own in-depth guide to the internal processes and workings that all their portable power banks undertake. Emphasis is placed on Quality, Performance and Reliability and how it is maintained through all stages of production to end user completion.

LUXA2’s extensive safety concept gives the Right Juice for Your Tech.

In modern day society, the use of smartphone, phablet ( large phone )and tablet devices is ever increasing and as a direct result, so too is their power consumption. These devices have become so integral to our everyday lives - just like our house keys, wallet and purse – simply forgetting to take one of these with you when you leave the house, will leave you feeling incomplete and uneasy throughout the rest of your day.

The Safety enhancing LUXA2 portable power banks with 2-year warranty and have extensive tests

LUXA2 has always believed in providing Quality power banks that are internally superior and aesthetically pleasing. We understand that ‘time is money’ and we want individuals to get on with their day with minimalistic fuss; therefore focus has been placed on the Performance of all our power banks to ensure fastest possible charge. LUXA2 power banks have also undergone vigorous testing for utmost Reliability, which is backed up with our standard two-year warranty. resellers and dealers wanted for our channel sales.


1. Battery Cell

Achieved by use of LG, Samsung and hi-grade battery cells, world-class circuit boards (figure 1), hand craftsmanship and undertaking of all relevant quality certifications.

Figure 2: Use of quality battery cells from LG and Samsung.

2. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design

By using world-class circuit boards and chips (figure 3), our battery banks are able to offer additional safety, protection and improve efficiency.

Figure 3: Use of world-class circuitry and chipset that offer extra layers of protection.

3. Hand Craftsmanship

LUXA2’s leather PL fashion series power banks are all hand stitched (figure 4) and put together with skilled craftsmanship and care to provide that classic finishing touch that only a human can provide.

Figure 4: PL leather series hand stitched with skill craftsmanship and care.

4. Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) Certification

All LUXA2 battery packs are fully compliant with the RoHS directive (figure 5) to ensure certain substances of high concern such as lead and mercury have not been used in any of our components.

Figure 5: RoHS certifications are labeled on all LUXA2 battery pack products.


1. Power Transfer Efficiency

Our battery packs are designed to provide high power conversion rates which is achieved by the use of high-class board circuitry and chipsets (figure 6) that enable them to optimize efficiency and durability.

Figure 6: LUXA2 power banks provide up to 90% energy efficiency compared to the average 75% offered by standard power banks

2. Input/Output Performance

LUXA2's power bank circuit boards goes through rigorous input/output testing (figure 6.1) to ensure that devices are charged at the optimized state, meaning that whatever the stated input/output performance (figure 6.2), you're guaranteed to know that the performance is constant to ensure fastest possible charging times.

Figure 6.1: Input testing in progress.

Figure 6.2: 1A Output testing confirming 1.3A output.

3. Charge Cycles

LUXA2 battery packs are designed to last for up to 1000 charge cycles before it reaches 80% of its original capacity (figure 7) compared to the average 500 charge cycles from the standard portable battery bank for maximized performance.

Figure 7: LUXA2 charge cycle comparison graph.


1. Battery Burn Test

LUXA2's lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries go through vigorous testing procedures to ensure safe and reliable performance.

Each and every battery is tested and conditioned for three full cycles (figure 8) to ensure utmost reliability.

Figure 8: LUXA2 batteries under going battery-burning test

2. Environmental Test

All battery banks are tested at high and low temperature ranges (figure 9) to ensure they are capable of handling the majority of environmental conditions that a conventional user may encounter- from the lightest to the most extreme (figure 9.1).

Figure 9: Batteries are tested in hi-tech temperature/humidity chambers

Figure 9.1: Batteries tested to extreme 70°C max and -20° low temperatures ranges.

Table 1 highlights the various temperature conditions that all our portable battery banks are tested. These ranges are based on their specific material characteristics and their testing range limits.

3. Durability Test

LUXA2 power banks also go through a variety of durability tests to ensure they are able to withstand the occasional knocks, bumps, drops and any other mishap that might befall it during its life cycle.

Drop Test

All LUXA2 power banks go through intense micro USB and USB insertion and removal tests to ensure reliability of connections and connectors for long lasting longevity. Table 2 below highlights the frequency of th