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ISS CRM solution for Holly corp

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Innovative Software Solutions

The Holly Corporation came to ISS needing help in managing its product pricing data contained within its SAP ERP system to support its marketing department in its efforts to communicate with its customers on pricing changes.

Previously they were using a cumbersome combination of different tools that were extremely inefficient and labour intensive. Holly employees  must take the current price of their product(s) and then filter those products by Ship To, Sold To and Delivered To accounts and then apply pricing changes which they needed to communicate to their customers.

ISS proposed and implemented the AKORE® PricingCRM software as the solution to handle all facets of these business processes with one application. AKORE® PricingCRM Integrates with SAP ERP to receive an import/upload of product pricing data to Capture, Search, Organise, Analyse, Track, Customise, Report, and Communicate on with your customers.

Innovative Software Solutions, Inc. can also customise this application to fit our client’s type of businesses. For example Innovative Software Solutions, Inc. worked with Holly to customise this module into a Lube Order Management application. Businesses processes that used to take many man hours to compile data and communicate with sold to clients can now be done with two (2) clicks of a mouse!

This was just the beginning, our final customised product for this particular client ended up saving countless man-hours which had a positive impact to the top & bottom line numbers 

Resellers and dealers will be delighted to sell this CRM system