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Patent for Data Warehousing Software

Danish Technology Company awarded with Patent for Data Warehousing Software

A technology company based in Denmark, a has announced their a patent for a method of rapidly improving performance in data warehouses. The new patent covers a method used to store and maintain a query-optimised representation of a dataset, including summary data, where the data is arranged in a large number of small database tables. The technology improves critical internal data retrieval, and reduces the manpower required to function effectively.

Eyjólfur Gislason, the founder of Teldware. says“Our technology is set to revolutionise the data warehouse industry by enabling a new category of applications where interactive query performance is no longer conditioned upon fitting the data into memory and where response time is decoupled from the size of the underlying data warehouse. In other words, we enable significantly faster, more reliable and consistent performance of front-end data access applications which save vast amounts of time and human resources.”

The patent also covers a simplified ETL (extract-transform-load) process that becomes an ESL (extract-split-load) process, reducing the complexity of adding data to the warehouse. Another feature of the patent is a method of partitioning data according to multiple redundant partitioning schemes, and a technique of maintaining redundant summary tables at the partition level, which solves the problem of inconsistent data between aggregated and non-aggregated data tables and uses fewer resources for summary table maintenance.

The companies patent will also reduce the computational resources required to maintain a representation of a source dataset in a target database by comparing split data portions with other split data portions from a previous extraction, and propagating only those portions that are new or changed. It will also reduce the computational resources required to load data into the data warehouse by reducing or eliminating indexes on almost all tables in the data warehouse.

"Today's marketplace is growing increasingly more competitive with the introduction of new technologies almost daily, and the most successful businesses will be those who leverage their intellectual property to give customers the assurances they are looking for when buying technology-based products and services,” said Gislason.

Teldware anticipate increasing revenues as prospective customers start to realise the implications of running outdated and inefficient technology. Desire for on-demand data access for casual users is growing rapidly as more organizations seek to empower their users with up-to-date business information systems. They are now looking to expand their reach after identifying that the quickest route to market is by reaching out and partnering with professional channel partners, to open new revenue streams to their existing customers relationships with their target market.