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MSSPs Rapidly Adopt AlienVault USM


AlienVault™ a provider of Unified Security Management solutions and crowd-sourced threat intelligence, today announced the rapid adoption of its Unified Security Management (USM) platform by Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). AlienVault USM provides a reliable, highly flexible and scalable deployment model to help MSSPs quickly deploy and monitor customer environments with robust asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, behavioral monitoring, threat detection and security intelligence.

AlienVault position as the most easy-to-use, complete and affordable Unified Security Management platform.

News Highlights:

·         AlienVault have announced its USM platform is now deployed by more than 35 MSSPs across the globe.

·         New additions to the AlienVault MSSP network include: Cegeka, Columbus Business Solutions, GoGrid, Onsight, Hawaiian Telcom, Sedara Security, Terra Verde and T-Systems Austria.

When MSSPs partner with AlienVault, they get the following benefits:

·         “Pay as you Grow” licensing model

·         Flexible deployment options: cloud, hybrid and on-premises

·         Easy centralized management with federated multi-tenancy features

·         Fully supported software based on open source security tools

·         Cutting edge, crowd-sourced security intelligence from AlienVault Labs and Open Threat Exchange (OTX)

·         Full suite of compliance reporting

·         Easily build security offerings around AlienVault Unified Security Management to provide SIEM, Network IDS, Host IDS, Wireless IDS, File Integrity Monitoring, Vulnerability assessment and more.

We have some supporting quotes from some customers:

Terra Verde:

"When we looked at platform providers in the market, we quickly realized the value that AlienVault provides. One key value is related to the open architecture of the platform. It is without equal right now in the marketplace. Terra Verde rapidly prototypes and delivers customized solutions to our clients using this architecture. The second key value provided by AlienVault's platforms is lower overall costs versus trying to integrate numerous single point solution vendors. Our overall price point remain highly competitive as a result and our clients reap the benefit." Chief Executive Officer Edward Vasko


“The threat landscape changes rapidly; therefore, we are constantly adapting our technology to keep pace with the latest developments. The flexible deployment and open architecture of AlienVault Unified Security Management and collaborative working relationship with AlienVault enables us to provide cutting-edge security solutions to our customers.” Founder Marcel Knippen

Hawaiian Telcom:

“Over the past three years, Hawaiian Telcom has developed an innovative, cloud-based Managed Security offering to address the needs of these customers. Our focus on people, process, technology and information has really paid off. This team has gained unprecedented visibility into threats on our customer networks.” Senior Manager of Product Management Dave Morris


“Cloud infrastructure providers need to step up to meet the evolving demands not just for better-performing infrastructure, but also for the right security measures to guarantee compliance and protect sensitive customer data. AlienVault’s scalable, cutting-edge security solutions help us deliver cloud infrastructure to companies that must comply with HIPAA and other government security mandates to stay in business. With AlienVault, we can send proactive alerts that inform companies when undetected problems arise in their networks and give them visibility into their network operations without the hassle of sorting through layers of code.” Chief Operating Officer Mark Worsey

Columbus Business Solutions:

"We are very pleased to partner with AlienVault to help enhance the product offering to our customers especially to address compliance and threat management needs of their business. Through our managed SIEM as a service offer, we enable IT departments to prevent threats while at the same time proactively detect vulnerabilities in real-time. Working with partners like AlienVault, we are able to offer our customers, a wide range of connectivity and IT solutions to enable the continuous, secure and efficient flow of business from our SOC (Security Operation Center), which operates 24x7.” Director of Security Solutions Gabriel Marcos


“At Sedara we focus heavily on a flexible and customer-centric approach to delivering managed security services. We understand that all customers are different and we need the ability to implement solutions that are tailored to their environments, in order to provide the greatest benefit to their overall security posture. The capabilities of the AlienVault Unified Security Management platform allow us to do just that. It provides fantastic security coverage and visibility and allows us to offer it at a competitive cost point, so our customers get the most out of their investment.” Founder Darrick Kristich


“Our partners play a critical role selling and deploying AlienVault’s Unified Security Management products. As a result we are laser focused on working with and enabling our new and existing partners to insure their success working with AlienVault.” Senior Vice President of MSSP Channel Sales Richard Kirk

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AlienVault is the ideal champion of mid-size organisations that lack sufficient staff, security expertise, technology or budget to defend against modern threats. Their Unified Security Management (USM) platform provides all of the essential security controls required for complete security visibility, It is designed to enable any IT or security practitioner to benefit from results on day one.

Powered by the latest AlienVault Labs Threat Intelligence and the Open Threat Exchange—the world’s largest crowd-sourced threat intelligence exchange—AlienVault USM delivers a unified, simple and affordable solution for threat detection and compliance management. As a privately held company with an HQ California’s Silicon Valley and backed by Trident Capital, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, GGV Capital, Intel Capital, Sigma West, Adara Venture Partners, Top Tier Capital and Correlation Ventures.