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BYOD effects companies fast track in IT

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With  computing evolving at an astonishing rate in the workplace, the compatibility challenge for companies is becoming more intense than ever. ‘Bring your own device’ (BYOD) and the many problems associated with migrating to a more up to date Windows operating system are still serious challenges for IT organisations which many have still to address according to ITC Infotech.

Professionals are now more inclined to use their own smartphones, tablets and laptops in the workplace but many haven’t given adequate forethought to the complexities that this entails. As this BYOD trend gathers momentum ITC Infotech will consider workspace management and how to accommodate co-existent mobile devices and operating systems within the corporate IT estate.

And with only seven months to go before Microsoft switches off support for its Windows XP operating system, the company will provide an overview of how it can offer rapid assistance to organisations that are yet to make the switch to Windows 7 and 8, demonstrating its Transformation Blueprint, including hardware/software readiness, application compatibility and remediation and deployment options.

Transformation is at the heart of ITC Infotech’s approach according to Europe President Hardeep Garewal. “It is a total paradigm shift when you move from XP to Windows 7 or 8 because the operating system’s behaviour and architecture and everything else is significantly different. It’s not just a migration, it’s a total transformation. Many companies are still caught up in this race against time to transform, both to switch to Windows 7 before Microsoft’s support ends next April and to start benefiting from the competitive edge of having a highly motivated, mobile workforce using BYOD.”

Organisations face a formidable challenge making their IT estate BYOD ready. “They need their business applications to work across all the different mobile platforms and operating systems,” explains Hardeep Garewal. “What we are offering is ‘anytime, anywhere, any platform’ access to enterprise resources. We take on the challenge of managing a coexistent IT estate with multiple operating systems. Organisations that aren’t addressing this rapidly developing situation need to start, and soon.”

The Packaging Event is the industry platform for IT professionals and application managers to check out the latest updates and information on application management, packaging, application deployment, desktop management, mobile device management, privilege management and application virtualisation. The event is the ideal place to assess what industry-leading technologies have to offer and get a range of views from the companies that influence these technologies.

With over 30,000+ Applications packaged/sequenced and 350,000+ endpoints migrated to Windows 7, ITC Infotech’s rapid and risk-free approach to desktop transformation is re-defining desktop transformation by reducing costs and associated complexities. ITC Infotech’s subject matter experts Ab Brink and Srinath Murthy will share updates and information on application management, packaging, application deployment, desktop management, mobile device management, privilege management and application virtualization at the Packaging Event.
Wednesday 2nd October 2013

Experts from the company will be speaking at the Packaging Event this year about the latest developments taking place within the IT industry, many of which require an immediate response. The company is also a Gold Sponsor of the event which runs from Thursday October 3rd to Friday 4th at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Netherlands.