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Local numbers for roaming SIMs

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Add local numbers from thousands of cities to your European Reseller GeoSIM, so your customers can hand out local numbers to their clients.

Give your contacts a local phone number and receive the calls on your GeoSIM, land line, VoIP or PBX. Typically, this means your contacts can call you free* of charge from their mobiles "contract" or bundled minutes!

Geodesa has launched a new service providing DID (DDIs) phone numbers from around the world that can be linked to GeoSIM global SIM cards. provides phone numbers from more than 2,400 cities in over 60 countries that can be mapped to any land line, mobile phone, VoIP, SIP, PBX or GeoSIM.

Uniquely, a DID HQ number is mapped directly to a GeoSIM. This means there are no forwarding** charges from DID HQ and the call arrives directly at the SIM card. Additionally the DID can be set as the out going caller ID (CLI) on the GeoSIM. By giving your friends, family and colleagues a local number means they can contact you at the cost of a local phone call, no matter where you are in the world.

DID HQ numbers can be redirected at any time free of charge giving you the ability to direct calls no matter where you are in the world.

The DID HQ numbers can also be used if you have a virtual office or want to give the impression your business has a presence in another town, city or country.

Homeworker who do not want to give out their home phone number or mobile for privacy reasons can also use DID HQ numbers for use on stationary, web sites and business cards.

Visit for full details and to order your DID ( up to 100 local numbers).

* Caller should confirm with their network of inclusive call allowance.

** Calls received on GeoSIM when a DID number is called will incur a $0.25 per minute charge on GeoSIM call credit balance.