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TeleWare Migrates to Telstra London Hosting Centre

Upgrade offers scalability, reliability and security advantage for clients while helping maintain TeleWare’s position in the market
TeleWare, a provider of communications solutions for mobile and distributed workers, have announced the successful completion of a major data centre move to a new dedicated private suite at the Telstra London Hosting Centre.


"The migration was an opportunity to redefine the levels of security, integrity and performance throughout the entire platform, including a supplier and route diverse backbone between TeleWare’s dispersed data centres. TeleWare has also virtualised as much as possible of the entire hosted platform. The new backbone (LHC to Heathrow) has been carefully engineered to have more capacity and as much diversity as possible. The design aggregates two gigabit circuits from two independent suppliers who operate their own infrastructure and ducting between data centres." explained Nick Reaks, Operations Director at TeleWare Plc.

“We decided to concentrate on our core business rather than maintaining our now ageing data centre systems in a building that was not primarily designed as a data centre,”

“Telstra LHC is a purpose-built data centre from the ground up. LHC provides the highest levels of security with cutting edge data centre performance and system integrity, allowing TeleWare to deliver an even more secure and robust service to our customers,” added Reaks.

The data centre migration is a further step in TeleWare’s strategy to deliver the most reliable and resilient solution on the market. Last year, TeleWare began an on-going regime of independent penetration testing across its infrastructure and platforms. In addition, in 2013, TeleWare introduced enhancements to its monitoring systems to provide greater visibility and proactive management.

This commitment to service excellence has allowed TeleWare to achieve the ISO 27001 certification to ensure it meets the security profile expected by large financial, retail and healthcare sector clients that require adherence to the standard. Future plans include further enhancements to the resilience and failover capabilities with a trusted third party providing audit and review over the entire TeleWare platform and operational processes.

“The market has matured to the point where we can confidently rely on other service providers to deliver cloud-based services that we could previously only deliver through having our own switching architecture at TeleWare Telecom,” explains Steve Haworth, CEO for TeleWare Plc.

With this change, TeleWare Telecom will no longer exist as a company within the TeleWare Group. “Although TeleWare Telecom as an entity within our business is going away, the scale and scope of our Telephony business is growing faster than we expected and we now have the ability to match that growth with a scalable architecture,” said Haworth.

About TeleWare

TeleWare are a UK supplier of software for communications solutions for the mobile business. Our vision is to empower individuals to enhance business relationships and optimise performance. To achieve this we pioneer the most customer-friendly communications for organisations with a high incidence of mobile and distributed staff.

TeleWare’s applications are delivered from the cloud as software services, as on-premise equipment, or as managed services. Our solutions are widely deployed in medium to large businesses, primarily in the Finance, Healthcare and Retail sectors where a high proportion of mobile and distributed workers are the norm.  TeleWare customers include over 17% of the FTSE 100 and over 20% of the top 1000 blue chip national and multinational companies.

TeleWare solutions focus exclusively on increasing business profitability by improved communications for mobile staff and effective resolution of business issues associated with distributed workforces, including personal contact management, messaging and call distribution and control. Unparalleled interoperability, a range of network interconnects and the TeleWare MVNO services enable seamless integration with a wide range of PBX, network and application vendors.

TeleWare is a Microsoft partner and has certification for the quality standard ISO9001/2008 TickIT and Information Security Management standard ISO 27001. TeleWare applications are sold exclusively through accredited channel partners.

Telstra solely own and operate the service they are to supply to TeleWare and are also accredited to ISO27001.
North Yorkshire, UK – 21st March 2013 -