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Tuesday, Jul 05th

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Machine to Machine (M2M) focused mobile network operator announces

Enterprise quality connection over 3G keeps businesses connected in an emergency. Stream Communications offers small business to large enterprise easy, robust insurance against a range of disaster scenarios Instant failover for Internet access and digital communications Provide temporary connectivity to remote sites.

Stream Communications, a Machine to Machine (M2M) focused mobile network operator, today announced a new way for businesses to ensure they remain connected in the face of loss of Internet connectivity. With a quick, simple set up and monthly service charge, Stream Communications provides businesses with a connection to the company’s enhanced mobile network, providing failover and instant reconnection to the Internet or corporate networks via 3G.

 For smaller businesses and businesses operating exclusively in the Cloud, a Stream Communications 3G router provides instant reconnections to the Internet. For mid to large sized enterprise, Stream Communications provides a route from the network to the Internet or corporate intranet. The solution is fully scalable. With auto configuration within the router, a business can reroute data over Stream Communications’ network, reconnecting to the ISP and the Internet without users ever becoming aware of a switchover.    

For high bandwidth use, Stream Communications can also provide multiple SIMs for 3G bonding, allowing connections to be treated as a single large pipe capable of delivering speeds of up to 20mb/s over 3G.

 Stream Communications 3G services can also be used to provide temporary connectivity to site offices and provide ad-hoc networks for events, exhibitions or shows.

“Businesses rely on an Internet connection.  If there is major local disruption to a service, businesses fail customers. The 3G network offers a mature, vast, reliable, and stable backup solution,” said Nigel Chadwick, Founding Director of Stream. “Deploying enterprise grade 3G backup requires low capital expenditure, and has small operational costs since you only ever pay for the data you use. 3G backup provides a low cost insurance policy for businesses that simply cannot afford to lose a connection.”

Resellers and VADs will be listening for the next stage