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Rapid7 Set for Strong Expansion in Europe

Record Growth with New EMEA Headquarters in the UK; New European Partners and Customers / signed 15 new channel partners in Europe,

Rapid7, a provider of security risk intelligence solutions, today announced that it is opening its new European office, with a rapidly growing local team based in central London heralding the fast expansion of the company into the EMEA region. Committed to helping its European customers manage evolving cyber threats effectively and securely, the company expects to grow at the same rate as it has in the US, doubling its number of channel partners in the next few months, as well as doubling its sales year-on-year. As one of the fastest growing security companies worldwide, Rapid7 is building on its record success in the US with integrated vulnerability management and penetration testing solutions, Nexpose and Metasploit.

Nexpose proactively supports the entire vulnerability management lifecycle, including discovery, detection, verification, risk classification, impact analysis, reporting and mitigation of vulnerabilities. This gives organisations immediate insight into the security posture of their IT environment by conducting over 65,000 vulnerability checks for more than 16,000 vulnerabilities. Metasploit® Pro complements this, enabling defenders to respond to the changing threat landscape by identifying and understanding security holes in their enterprise infrastructure.

“The recent high-profile data breaches have demonstrated that there is no such thing as a security perimeter any more,” commented Mike Tuchen, president and CEO of Rapid7. “Hackers are prevalent and to protect themselves from attacks, organisations need to make sure that there are no vulnerabilities in their IT systems. Just installing a firewall and anti-virus solution simply isn’t good enough. We’re seeing considerable demand in the UK and across Europe for solutions that let you assess where your security risks lie, and then help you identify the right mechanisms to secure your IT infrastructure. We have been spearheading this move in the USA and are now bringing our pioneering solutions to help UK organisations address the complex security challenges they face, especially as they move into more virtualized environments.”

Rapid7 has recently signed 15 new channel partners in Europe, including seven partners in the UK, and is actively recruiting more, as well as building a 30-strong direct sales team by the end of the year. The company offers its partners generous margins and provides full product training and a range of marketing support, including a dedicated Partner Centre with specially created materials and joint activities such as customer events. The London-based European operation will support customers and partners across the UK and EMEA, working with local partners including Calibre Networks, CY4OR, Okta8, and Provangel.

“We chose to work with Rapid7 because of its unique offering of a truly integrated vulnerability management and penetration testing platform and have been really pleased with the instant success we’ve seen from the partnership,” said Joss Ings-Chambers, director of Okta8. “Organisations want to understand their risk environment without losing productivity, and Rapid7’s innovative solutions meet our customers’ most critical needs by offering maximum value and ease-of-use for testing, validation, remediation and reporting.”

“Formalising the vulnerability management and penetration testing process should be high on the priority list of all organisations,” said Joel Tobias, managing director of CY4OR. “We decided to partner with Rapid7 in this area due to their excellent reputation in the market, and the company has lived up to our expectations. Together, CY4OR’s expertise and Rapid7’s solutions enable businesses to quantify and qualify security risks, and apply resources to remediate those risks in the most efficient manner.”

Rapid7 recently announced its ninth consecutive record quarter with 74 percent overall growth globally. Rapid7’s products are already being used by more than 1,600 enterprises – including more than 35 customers in the UK such as Gala Coral and Commidea – and government agencies. Its free products are downloaded more than one million times per year, with over 125,000 security community users and contributors.

LONDON –October 5th, 2011–