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companies want better understanding of client and prospect behaviour

Trovus a provider in customer intelligence services built on organisational behaviour through detailed profiling, has revealed the results of its latest benchmarking research

into how organisations drive value from the profiles of their web site visitors. Looking at traffic from hundreds of organisations across the websites of a technology company and legal firm, the research concludes that many companies are data rich but insight poor.

It finds that companies want better understanding of client and prospect behaviour to improve client engagement and long term relationships; and that only innovators are exploiting the value of this customer intelligence to develop their businesses.

The research, which draws on unique datasets from real life case studies, includes trends analysis over the last eight months across a technology company website in the areas of ‘cloud computing’ and ‘web security’. Addressing a wide range of organisations in several different vertical markets, the research clearly shows falling interest levels in cloud among Financial Services and Education verticals due to redundancies and the summer months, respectively. At the same time the results indicate an increasing interest among Financial Services and Healthcare/Pharmaceutical verticals in web security.

“Our research highlights that analyses of customer intelligence from their web site profiles reveal who is interested in what and when,” said Caspar Craven, Co-Founder of Trovus. “This is a powerful weapon. It tells you which clients and prospects to engage now. The most innovative companies use this customer intelligence to understand vertical market trends and client needs, gaining insights into interests and behaviours and targeting engagement activity and messages appropriately.”

Focusing on the Legal market, the research reveals insightful trends in how market sectors have reacted to announcements around changes to the
legislation on the agency worker directive. By sector it shows a 100% increase in interest in this area for Technology and Telecoms organisations
over the summer months (June/July) compared to the start of the year, as well as a five times increase with Financial Services. Engineering and
Construction shows a 50% increase, while the public sector interest fell significantly over the same period.

According to the research, acting on trends with a targeted approach will increase the effectiveness and timeliness of client engagement, based on hearing the true ‘voice of the customer’ and on choosing the right channel to begin business development activity. In fact, channels are shown
to be all important. In a stark message, the research warns that companies ignoring social media channels do so at their peril. “We would ask whether it’s time to stop questioning the value of social media,” says Trovus’s Craven. “Our research highlights an unmistakably powerful correlation between exploitation of social media and number of referrals to a company’s website … referrals that can be seized upon with further
personalised business development activity.”


 5 October 2011 - London, UK -