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WorldSIM Card is a Great Innovation,

Ahmed Khan, London
"I purchased the WorldSIM card on KLM flight to South Africa, I was a bit sceptical about the service however once I put the sim card into my phone it was working and had credit on there I could start using it pretty much instantly."

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Sofia Rodriquez, Spain

"The WorldSIM card is a great innovation, having two numbers on one sim is astonishing. I can receive a call from my family in United States and not be charged an arm and a leg. This is great." 

Amanda Kaln, South Africa

"I  purchased the WorldSIM card online and it was delivered on time. I was a bit weary of the call quality being an issue however once I made my first call on the sim card, I realised that the sound quality is great." 

Paula Ferrero, Portugal

"I purchased a WorldSIM card for my daughter as she was travelling to Europe for her Gap Year. The service is great and I called the WorldSIM with no charge to my UK sim." 

Mark Surrey, Leicester

"This Service is great, the ability to receive calls for free while travelling abroad is a great concept, the price is a bit steep but the services they offer are great." 

Ureh Humaghn, Nigeria

"WorldSIM has a great service and the product is easy to use. I was a bit sceptical about the call back system, but its acutally very fast. Calls get connected in under 10 seconds." 

Syed M. Shah, Manchester

"WorldSIM is a great product for calling family back home without paying all the high international calling rates. Using the call forwarding facility they offer, I have been able to call my family in Pakistan every day at no cost."

Anna Azevedo, Mexico 
"I was unsure about the countries that offer free receiving so had to check it out before setting off to Europe. Your customer service girl was really helpful and got the info I needed real fast - looking forward to trying it out now." 
Grainne Moreno, Singapore 
"I have been traveling around Europe and Middle East with the lowest rate I have ever paid. Most of the places I have visited have free incoming calls. Yahooo that's fantastic!" 
Liviy Cuthbert, Switzerland 
"I am really impressed with WorldSIM. The sim card I purchased at Travelex in the UK, I used it with my old unlocked Motorola V3 phone in 4 countries - Italy, France, China and Hong Kong. It worked everywhere without a glitch and saved me at least $400 in the two weeks that I was traveling abroad." 

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