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Sell World Sim Cards and make money £ € $

WorldSIM™ is a prepaid sim card that allows you to use your mobile phone when you are travelling abroad without incurring expensive roaming charges.

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You can use your WorldSIM™ International sim card to make cheap mobile phone calls in over 220 countries worldwide as well as receive calls for FREE in more than 90 countries. We estimate our WorldSIM™ International sim card can save you up to 95% on your mobile phone roaming charges as compared to normal operators. WorldSIM™ sim card is ideal for people travelling abroad on business, holiday or taking a gap year. When your credit runs low, simply top up your account using our automated and instant top-up service, from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

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2 Mobile numbers: UK (+447924) and US number (+1940)

This International sim card comes with a UK +44 and +1 number as standard and can be used in any country for mobile service. You can activate your US number by dialling 160. This will SMS the US number to you. US customers can now have a US number when travelling abroad and save up to 80% compared to normal operator roaming charges. Users visiting the US can receive calls for free whilst in US and make cheap local and international calls.

To receive calls in the US, the user must activate the US sim profile from the handset menu. Calls can be received free in the US when called on the UK number. Receiving a call on the US number costs 0.25USD when used in the US or in any free roaming in country i.e. Zone 1 and Zone 2. When in Zone 3-6 country, receiving a call on the US number costs the standard charge plus an additional 0.25 USD cents. 
Save up to 95% on roaming charges when travelling abroad

Our International sim card roaming charges start at 25p/min whether calling a landline or mobile. See our roaming charges for our complete amazing low rates for calling and texting.
Full details are available on the Savings pages

Free roaming in over 90 countries

With our International sim card you pay nothing to receive calls in 90+ countries. This compares to prices of up to £1 a minute for some UK mobile operators. Countries include Europe, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia & Egypt,
Full details are available on the tariffs & coverage pages

Roaming coverage in over 220 countries

WorldSIM™ International sim card works in all the major tourist and business destinations and is not dependent on any one mobile network - it simply finds the best network signal wherever you are so you can count on great line quality.
See complete list of our destinations here.

 Prepaid SIM card with UK and USA mobile phone number

Unlike other roaming sim cards, the WorldSIM Multi IMSI sim card comes with both a UK telephone (+44) number AND a USA telephone (+1) number which work simultaneously on the same sim card. Callers can call you at any time on either number. 
Low roaming charges for texts and calls

WorldSIM™ has taken the guesswork out of using your mobile phone abroad – whether you are making or receiving calls. We have split the world into 6 zones for simple straight-forward easy to use flat rate pricing. Wherever you roam within each zone you always pay one rate for incoming calls and one rate for outgoing calls (excluding premium rate numbers). There are no peak rates and we do not use look up tables or have any hidden costs. 
Easy, any-time credit top up.

You can top up/recharge your account from anywhere and anytime by 3 easy methods. Call free on 154, or log into your account via our web-site. You can also set up your account so it automatically tops you up when you run low.
No line rental, minimum term contract, set-up charges, or hidden costs
All you pay is the cost of the sim card, the calls and texts you make and a monthly recurring charge of £1.00 to keep your sim card active. The sim card will not expire as long as the monthly charge is paid. There is no annual renewal charge.
Online, real-real time account management

You can see how much you've spent and manage your account online. All calls are logged in real-time so you'll know straight away how much you have left in your account. You can also dial 187 from your WorldSIM™ travel sim card at any time to check your account balance. You are also sent a free text message after each call letting you know the cost of your call and your remaining call credit balance.
No need to change your existing mobile number when roaming abroad

See our Frequently asked Questions on how you can use your WorldSIM™ Travel sim card without changing your existing mobile number.
FREE call forwarding to most places in the world*

You can redirect most incoming calls to any fixed line or mobile phone number you select for FREE. You can also use the WorldSIM™ cheap call forwarding facility to call anywhere in the world. See here for call forwarding rates.

Starter credit included
Your International sim card comes with a minimum £10 of starter credit. Packages with higher amount of starter credit are also available and this brings down the overall price of the sim card. You can even get the sim card FREE on certain packages!  
Premium Quality Voice Calls
We do not compromise our voice quality in order to bring you low rates. We use Tier 1 carriers for crystal clear calls!