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The value in Virtualisation?

Whilst European business continues to sit-tight on a growing mound of money in the bank, significant investment in IT still seems a long way off.

CIOs are turning to next generation technologies such as the cloud and virtualisation to deliver greater efficiency for lower costs.

However, where does that leave the Channel?

Where does the margin lie for technologies such as desktop virtualisation?  What are the cross and upselling opportunities? And where are the key growth markets in the UK?

Some believe that if handled right, these types of technologies will deliver software type margins and present the means to create true value-add relationships between channel and customer.  

For instance, when customers adopt and deploy desktop virtualisation, the opportunity to cross and upsell value added technologies such as storage, network access, security and services is deep and rich.  The savings realised by virtualised desktops, such as 70% lower cost of acquisition and 75% reduced on-going maintenance costs, can be reallocated to solution-based and vertically tailored products and services that create deep systemic relationship between customer and channel.  In short, while desktop virtualization is transforming the economics of PCs and breaking down the legacy domains of old stalwarts such as Dell and HP, it is creating entirely new business and economic opportunities to the advantage of the customer and channel.

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