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3- Factor authentication solution


Secure Online-Banking with Flickercode and Fingerprint


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In Germany more than 35 million bank accounts are accessible online and almost 1.7 billion online transfers are performed a year.

However anyone wanting to perform an Internet transfer has to have a password and transaction authorization number (TAN) – which is not only complicated but also not entirely secure since hackers are able to generate fake Internet pages. Siemens, in collaboration with a partner, has now developed a check card-sized Internet ID card which uses new technology:

Siemens, in collaboration with a partner, has been utilising a check card-sized Internet ID card with which the user authenticates himself to the bank before making a transfer.

Internet passport Enrolment

Before making the transfer the user authenticates himself to the bank with a fingerprint and an integral code.

The bank then sends back a code which appears on the screen.

This code, called a flicker code, contains the actual TAN and can in turn be read from the ID card.

The procedure thus requires no additional software or hardware of any sort for the transaction. The fingerprint itself is stored only on the ID card. (PN 2008.10)

The process

1 Enter your codes, once and for all this requires ( Serial number and fingercode )

2 Obtain the flicker code from your screen ( Your screen transfers a coded message to your internetpassport )

3 Record your fingerprints on the internetpassport

( sweep your finger on the internetpassport fingerprint sensor)