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Tuesday, Sep 26th

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European Reseller celebrates 23 years

  European Reseller celebrates 23 years as the voice of the channel in Europe

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 If you are looking for IT resellers in EMEA, we can do this for you. European Reseller is an organisation to recruit resellers and distributors in EMEA, either as an out sourced service to build an active channel network or to raise the awareness of your company or products through our magazine, newsletter & website.

We have booths at between 15 & 20 exhibitions each year since March 2000.

Our global experience and in-country partners enable us to provide a cost effective business expansion service for companies looking to grow their sales nationally and internationally. European Reseller has applied its skills to building highly effective international organisations, establishing and developing international sales and marketing teams, managing and launching new technologies and strategic planning.

Our services are tailored to our clients needs blending the establishment of a solid strategy with in country execution delivering rapid market coverage and revenue growth.

 The reason for our attendance at these European shows is to recruit distributors, VAD’s, resellers, VAR’s and system integrators, who  subscribe to our magazine, E-Newsletters & website as a free service.

We distribute up to 1,000 copies of European reseller magazine at each show.

Our specialist business development resources are located in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and India, enabling us to rapidly establish, deploy and lead an international team of in country sales, marketing and professional services resources focused on growing and expending your business.

The content of the magazine, E-Newsletters & websitecovers business models and business opportunities, presenting new products and services available in the EMEA region, giving vendors, distributors and resellers an obvious and easy opening to develop new revenue streams with their existing client-base, discussing ROI and highlighting the reseller opportunities.

 European Reseller Services.

 Partner recruitment and development program         Recruitment of distributors, VAD's, reseller, VAR's specifically for your products either on an EMEA basis or country by country basis. Prices dependent on requirements.


  1. Website        431,536 visitors in Sept and an average of 392,920 over 2022        7.9 Million& 8.9 Million hits during 2021- 2022


This offers a great opportunity for Vendors-OEM’s to reach European entrepreneurs and businesses, across Europe and the Middle East, both through the web and at the many exhibitions where we distribute the magazine.

Each year since March 2000 we have recruited resellers & distributors from Europe’s IT Exhibitions, in the Netherlands, Italy, France, Turkey, Switzerland, UK, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Spain, Poland, Czech Rep and Russia through-out the year.