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Emulex Harnesses the Strength of Community with New Connect Partner Program

New partner program launched by  Emulex  includes,  bigger SPIFs, faster claims and higher profit margins.

 Experts Training, Convergence Conversations, Connect+ Partner Designation and Interactive Online Communities.

On 7th March 2011 Emulex Corporation  has launched  its next-generation Emulex Connect Partner Program™ for Emulex channel partners and value-added resellers (VARs). It offers partner-specific content, Emulex Expert™ online technical and sales training certifications,The Emulex Connect Partner Program also includes an interactive and innovative community ecosystem to foster independent discussions around the transition to 10Gb/s Ethernet (10GbE) and network convergence. This community includes an open dialog about implementing a 10GbE infrastructure through blogs, podcasts and webinars around customer trends and pain points.

"The goal of the Emulex Connect Partner Program is to help our channel partners maximize revenue and gross margins in the new network convergence market," said Shaun Walsh, vice president of marketing, Emulex. "The updated program provides the tools required for Emulex and its channel partners to become the leading providers of 10GbE-based solutions in the market."

The Emulex Connect Partner Program includes: is described in our Resellers wanted section click here for details

• Bigger SPIFs, Faster Claims and Higher Profit Margins: The Emulex Connect Partner Program offers increased SPIF values, a new SPIF processing system to accelerate claims, and deal registration to help yield higher profit margins.

Andy Brockhurst discussed the inpact with Jason Phippen, Senior Director, EMEA Marketing for Emulex

Supporting Quotes:

"The Emulex Connect Partner Program offers incentives, rewards and training materials that truly motivate us to move the sales needle, engage with our customers and each other to bring the best technology solutions into the hands of users," said Gary Johnston, President of IT Partners, a regional systems integrator and VAR. "Adding such a strong 'community' feel to the program just makes it easier for us to have immediate access to the resources we need, which is so important in the real-time environment we live in."

"There are no revenue or training bars to enter the Emulex Connect Partner Program, and there are genuine benefits at every tier, which is something we haven't seen in many other partner programs," said Mark Walker, Director of Converged Infrastructure at Azlan. "Emulex has created a further incentive for their partners to become well-informed and well-educated on the next generation data center."

"The community element of the new Emulex Connect Partner Program is something that will help us as an industry as we continue towards the path towards network convergence, in engaging in dialogue about customer needs and best practices," said Art Prutsalis, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Info X Distribution. "This, combined with the compelling benefits Emulex is offering all of its VARs and distributors makes this program quite appealing to us."

"As our customer data centres continue to converge, the Emulex focus on network convergence is extremely important to Computacenter as customers move to deploy 10GbE infrastructures," said Matthew Yeager, Practice Leader for Data, Computacenter. "In my experience, it is often difficult to get the balance of what's right for the customer and what's right for the partner simultaneously.  However, Emulex get this consistently right which, in turn, enables us to do what we do best as trusted advisers to our customers. The benefits of joining the new Emulex Connect Partner Program are compelling in that it is an effective and productive way to participate in dialogue working in partnership with the variety of training, incentives and co-marketing programs available to us.”