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ISV Partner Program External FAQ

Are you a Zebra ISV

1.      What is an ISV?

An ISV (Independent Software Vendor) is an application developer whose primary business is developing and selling application software,

related licensing and application maintenance agreements.  ISVs develop and market software that typically supports multiple hardware vendors and operating systems.

The software product usually makes up the majority of the solution, but in many cases additional hardware, software or services are required to offer the end user a complete solution. In many cases, the ISV has the ability to influence which hardware is used in conjunction to their software.

2.      Why are ISVs important to Zebra's business?

Fundamentally, application software drives demand for Zebra solutions. Many companies, like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Apple have recognized the importance and impact of a highly motivated and professionally managed ISV partner ecosystem on their revenue growth. It is imperative for Zebra to create a program which includes the technical resources to make it easy to integrate with our solutions and a compelling business proposition for our ISV partners.

3.      Why is Zebra launching this program?

Why now?

Partnering with ISVs is one of Zebra's key strategies for long-term growth. Zebra recognizes the important role ISVs play in developing innovative technology solutions and is launching a formal partner strategy to ensure continued mutual success. The Company is making a significant investment in the development and launch of the new ISV Partner Program in order to strengthen collaboration with ISVs and create award-winning solutions across several verticals, such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and transportation and logistics. 

4.      Why should ISVs partner with Zebra?

Zebra is a rapidly growing company with a strong financial position in the global marketplace and partners play a key role in that success. We're excited to collaborate with ISVs through the launch of our new global ISV Partner Program, which is attractive to the ISV community on several levels.

First, Zebra is committed to supporting ISVs by providing access to new geographies and vertical markets to deliver measurable business results. Through this program, partners can leverage Zebra's industry expertise and create innovative solutions for new vertical markets to expand their business. Zebra's ease of integration can help accelerate their access to new markets and business opportunities. And, ISVs can increase their channels to market through Zebra's distribution and sales network encompassing more than 100 countries.

Additionally, more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on Zebra products. As of December 31, 2009, Zebra sold more than 8,500,000 printers to customers around the world. Zebra also has significant vertical expertise in important sectors, including, retail, healthcare, government, manufacturing, transportation and logistics.

5.      How does this program fit into the PartnersFirst® program?

We can easily connect our ISVs with the other partners in the PartnersFirst® community. By giving ISVs access to Zebra's extensive partner ecosystem, we're helping them quickly gain scale and exposure around the world. In addition, we're committed to leveraging our relationships with our global strategic alliance partners, such as Motorola, IBM, Oracle and SAP, to support the needs of ISVs and enhance the value of Zebra's ISV program.


6.      As an ISV partner, what resources will ISVs have access to?

Zebra provides a robust ISV infrastructure. ISVs have access to several resources created specifically for this program including:


• Expand into new markets with Zebra's worldwide coverage. Zebra has offices around the globe with a team dedicated to ISV partners.

• Network with Zebra and our extensive reseller partner community to create complete solutions and increase

business value.

• Decrease time to market by working with Zebra developer support and Zebra Support portal to integrate seamlessly with Zebra products.

• Connect with the Zebra peer-to-peer ISV partner community to explore new business opportunities.



• Consult with dedicated ISV technical resource representatives, who understand the complexities of application software and how to integrate with Zebra products.

• Access the Zebra Support Developer Zone specifically designed for the ISV, which includes SDKs and latest drivers to interface with Zebra hardware.

• Access Zebra evaluation units for testing and integration.

• Plan and build for the future by leveraging your access to Zebra product roadmaps.


Marketing and sales

• Take advantage of dedicated Zebra team members in every geography for access to Zebra marketing and sales resources.

• Access co-branded marketing materials including press releases, collateral and case studies.

• Increase your exposure and credibility with your company profile on the Zebra corporate website.

• Opportunity to participate in trade shows, industry events and seminars.

• Access and use the full Zebra Resource Library of marketing collateral and web tools.


7.      For application developers what are the benefits to being a part of Zebra's ISV Partner Program?

We admire and appreciate developers' constant quest for innovation and creating new solutions for the market. We have built a robust ISV Developer Zone where developers can tap into the ideas and expertise of other developers. This peer-to-peer development community is another outlet for them to gain insights and perspective from other developers. We make it easy for ISV developers and to integrate Zebra into their solution.

Developers will be able to leverage dependable, reliable products from the industry leader. Zebra helps companies identify, locate and track assets, transactions and people with on-demand specialty digital printing and automatic identification solutions in more than 100 countries around the world. Zebra offers a full range of technology solutions to manage critical assets accurately and in real time.