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Free software licenses for Identity and Access Management solutions

Identity management is the combination of business process and technology used to manage data on IT systems safety and security of data applications when utilising cloud computing.

Hitachi ID Systems, a developer of Identity and Access Management solutions, announced today a competitive upgrade program for Oracle Waveset (formerly Sun Identity Manager) customers.

For a limited time, Hitachi ID Systems is offering free software licenses, discovery services and project scoping services to customers who wish to migrate their user provisioning and/or password management system to Hitachi ID Identity Manager and Hitachi ID Password Manager.

“We have been approached by customers seeking a cost effective replacement for Oracle Waveset since Oracle scaled back investment in the old Sun Identity Manager,” says Gideon Shoham, CEO. “Our no-cost license offer is a compelling option for organizations seeking better alternatives.”

The Hitachi ID Management Suite offers significant advantages to former Sun Identity Manager customers, including:

Over 100 connectors included in the base price.

Built-in request screens and approval processes.
Built-in access certification UI, workflow and reports.
A full authentication management platform - password reset, single sign-on, key recovery, IVR and more.
Open database schema, supporting 3rd party reporting tools.

The components of identity management, starting with the underlying business challenges of managing user identities and entitlements across multiple systems and applications. Identity management functions are defined in the context of these challenges

Choosing Good Passwords:
A plain-language guide, suitable for sharing with end users, to security threats posed by password cracking software and how to apply good password rules to prevent security compromises.

Password Reset for Locked Out Users:

An objective comparison of alternate strategies to addressing the problem of helping users that forgot their initial network login password.

Defining Enterprise Identity Management:
Identity management is a much used term that refers to a set of technologies intended to manage a basic problem: information about the identity of employees, contractors, customers, partners, customers and vendors is distributed among too many systems, and is consequently difficult to manage.

This document defines the components of enterprise identity management technologies. It describes the underlying business problem of managing user identity information on a variety of systems. It then defines identity management in the context of this problem, and describes technologies used to manage user identities effectively in the enterprise.

Applications about users. Managed data includes user objects, identity attributes, security entitlements and authentication factors.