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Saturday, Feb 04th

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Voicemail to Facebook for iPhones

Free iPhone app allows users to share voice messages with their social network friends -

Just two weeks after launching the feature on its Android app, HulloMail a  voice messaging company, has today announced it has extended the new ‘Facebook Share’ feature on to its free iPhone app.

HulloMail’s iPhone users can, for the first time, easily share voicemails directly onto their Facebook wall from within the app.

The messages can either be a voicemail that has been received from a contact or a Hullo (an instant voice message), which can be recorded and immediately posted onto
the popular social networking site for friends to hear.

The Facebook Share feature is an extremely quick and easy way to share inbound and outbound voice messages with friends so they can hear an important update or a classic message.  It also offers a new way to keep in touch with friends online; now, instead of simply reading status updates, users can listen to what friends have to say and, in turn, hear their tone of voice, expression, humour, sarcasm etc. 

Andy Munarriz, founder and CEO, HulloMail said: “With the introduction of our Facebook Share feature for the iPhone app, we are offering a completely new way for users to share voicemails and voice messages with their Facebook friends. It adds a completely new and fun dimension to both voicemail and the social networking experience. Next time a priceless voicemail is received, both our iPhone and Android users now have the option to instantly share it on their Facebook page for their friends to enjoy. I believe that voicemail will never be the same again.”

The new feature is included in version 1.2, which is available to download now via iTunes

28 October 2010