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Friday, Jun 09th

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Toshiba carbon zero scheme


1. Doing your bit to combat climate change – the carbon emissions from every machine has been offset, including the first 1 million copies.

2. Enhance the green credential of your company.

3. Marketing your company as running a “CarbonZero Print Fleet” - include it on your website, annual reports, newsletters and staff bulletins.

4. Include in future tenders your CarbonZero Print Fleet to boost the green element of the tender – many tenders now  include questions about your carbon management, which the CarbonZero Print Fleet covers . Use as evidence of your support for both environmental issues and social responsibility.

5. Helps to show your staff that you are an ethical company with strong Corporate Social Responsibilities.

6. Helping poor families in Kenya, saving time and money on firewood by providing them energy saving stoves that reduces the amount of firewood they need every day.

7. Creating cleaner and more hygienic way of cooking – the World Health Organisation states that cooking on an unregulated open fire is the equivalent of smoking two packets of cigarettes a day and was linked to 1.5 deaths in Africa in 2002 – the energy efficient stoves replaces these open fires.

8. Protecting the environment – as well as carbon saving the CarbonZero MFP’s Fleet helps to generate green energy, habitat protection and reduces deforestation.

9. The latest technology Toshiba MFP’s are more energy and environmentally efficient saving you time and money.

10. Consolidation of your existing print fleet into fewer more efficient devices reduces the overall cost of your print output. Typical reductions in efficiency alone up to 30% saving.