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Tuesday, Jun 02nd

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Quail Digital Launches Lightweight Wireless Headset System at IKEA in the UK

Having good communication between staff on the retail floor  and staff back of house can be a challenge particularly in large establishments or those with multiple rooms or areas.

But a solution is at hand courtesy of a wireless headset communications company Quail Digital. It has just launched its latest model – the Q-Pro Series 5 - a smaller, lightweight but robust headset suitable for a wide range of retail environments. 

The Q-Pro Series 5 has done away with the belt pack and cabling to provide a more comfortable headset for meeters and greeters, order takers, till operators and general ‘front of house’ staff. 

The system combines high quality DECT digital headsets and operates on the 1.88-1.90 GHz frequency band with base station and wireless repeaters to give extended range inside and outside premises.

The sound quality and clarity of the new system has been significantly improved with the addition of noise suppression software cancelling out the ambient noise which can hamper communication. It functions by ‘reading’ noise and recognising the peaks caused by conversation.

Tom Downes, CEO of Quail Digital, said: “The latest noise and echo cancelling technologies improves the audio quality. Fundamentally this new system will make the customer experience quicker, easier and generally more enjoyable, customer queries can be dealt with more quickly as relevant staff can be summoned or additional information provided, instantly. It’s also better for staff, the headsets are comfortable and lightweight and are combined with the full duplex ‘on all the time’ system so staff can work hands free as required.” 

While the system enables all headsets wearers to hear all the messages, a private channel allows staff to communicate instantly between themselves.  There is also the facility for staff to call for extra support. The system offers audio level adjustment and removable batteries for recharging.

An additional efficiency improving aspect is that staff can move about the facility in order to do other things and can be notified when needed as they are never ‘out of reach’.  

The system is scalable and flexible; automated messages can be added with the ‘Message Manager’ facility which lets users record their own messages and task reminders for staff. Up to 16 messages can be programmed into the system so the installation can be tailored to the outlet’s requirements.

Tom Downes said:  “This system is about as plug and play as you can get, it’s fast and easy to install. The digital display is simple to use with push button key strokes and easy instructions to menus and settings make installation and set-up straightforward.”

The system has 2 password levels to keep tampering to a minimum; one for staff on site and one for technical support. For uniformity the software stores the activation settings required by each customer so that their outlets have a uniform set of features and messaging wherever they’re installed.

The Quail Digital Q-Pro 5 system is network compatible. Its ethernet port gives users remote access for programming updates and message downloads. The system will generate automated service requests direct to the service centre.

•          Quail Digital was founded in the UK in 1995 and has offices in London, Frankfurt and Chicago; it manages sales and installations elsewhere through dedicated resellers

•          Quail Digital clients include: IKEA, The Co-operative, Sainsbury’s, McDonald’s, KFC, Burger, King, Edeka and Bauhaus

•          The Quail Digital team has over 20 years supporting supermarket and restaurant audio communications systems in the UK

•          The Q-Pro Series 5 has an effective range of 160m in diameter from the base station, dependent on construction of building. Wireless repeaters can be used to extend the range in and outside of the restaurant.

•          Multiple systems can be used on the same premises

•          All Quail Digital systems are assembled tested and final-dispatched from the UK

•          The Q-Pro Series 5 headsets are fully charged in 4 hours and give 10 hours continuous talk time. The battery storage mechanism includes room for back-up battery store and charging.