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Cloud Computing is expected to reach almost $150 billion

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The on going move to cloud computing is being likened to a new technology a move equal to the arrival of the personal computer, a move that changed the IT face of the industry, and how businesses use technology.

That is if you are aged over 28 years (Sic) or have never used Hotmail or Google mail or indeed Facebook which is now 6 years old.
According to analyst firm Gartner, Within four years, worldwide spending on could computing is expected to reach almost $150 billion.

Gartner is seeing growth in both the number of businesses signing outsourcing deals, and the size of those deals. Cloud computing programmes covering a thousand or more users are becoming more common, as chief information officers (CIOs) see cloud computing as a strategic option.

Experts are predicting that some businesses will be able to run most, if not all, of their IT services utilising SAAS in the cloud. Evidence from smaller enterprises and start ups support this, with businesses opting to rent, not buy, much of their IT. Laptops and a good-quality internet connection can replace much of the conventional infrastructure for managing data and carrying out business processes.

Almost 1 year ago the Indian Government expressed a wish to introduce a 500 Rupee computer, with full online access. Enabling the Indian population to enter the cloud, Using cloud computing to bring the vast numbers of Indian inhabitants
onto the Cloud.

For businesses with more complex needs – and more critical security requirements – moving all computing to the cloud might not be practical. However, it is likely that almost all businesses will move at least some applications or services to the cloud. Many have already done so, though services offered by vendors such as Google and Amazon.