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European Reseller Channel Partner Program

European Reseller             
Partner recruitment and channel development Programme.
European Reseller offers you a service to actively recruit Distributors and Resellers in Europe.

We can give you:

•  Advice about target countries and markets
•  Advice about routes to market
•  Advice about whether to use Distributors, Resellers or Representatives
•  Advice about setting up your own Subsidiary or a Franchise or Joint Venture
•  Advice about doing Public Relations campaigns
•  Active Search Campaigns to find Distributors and Resellers
•  Help to close contracts between your and your new European partners

We offer a 12 month programme where we can:

•  Review with you your needs and dealers requirements
•  Raise the profile of you company with targeted marketing
•  Present you with a short list of potential partners
•  Contact potential partners on your behalf
•  Present draft contracts
•  Visit potential partners with you
•  Help you to close contracts
•  Hand over the relationship to you In addition we offer a programme to manage your continuing relationship with these companies.

This includes:
•  Setting targets for Sales & Marketing
•  Planning and agreeing Sales & Marketing activity
•  Making Sales visits to your Resellers and their customers
•  Closing deals for stocking orders each month and quarter
•  Reporting and Forecasting

We effectivly become your partner and new employee (s)

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Siete alla ricerca di partner per la vendita dei vostri prodotti in Europa?

Noi troviamo distributori, VAD, rivenditori e VAR per prodotti e servizi IP, i settori sicurezza, logistica, farmaceutico, petrolchimico e il mondo della distribuzione e dell'ufficio.

La nostra rivista viene distribuita in 50.000 copie, il sito internet conta 148,000 visitatori unici al mese e  3,880,000 click e gli iscritti alla 

Per maggiori informazioni visitate il sito
Are you looking for resellers in Europe?

Esta usted buscando nuevos productos para vender en España y Portugal?
Sie suchen Channel– Partner in ganz Europa ?

A la recherche de partenaires distributeurs en Europa ?
Stai cercando un socio d'affari Europeo?

Value for money "Making your marketing Euro go further":

Through our efforts as a proactive company we have a unique database that has taken us many years to compile and refine to its present state, and it will continue to be refreshed with the addition of new subscriber information.

We are able to provide our clients with publicity and channel exposure, on our website.

Just imagine having a shop window with over 140,000 resellers seeing your products each month.

We are able to "build and develope reseller channels " using our dedicated call centre in Bratislava. Where we have local language staff  from Eastern European countries.

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We can also do this at International exhibitions, at just a fraction of the cost of exhibiting yourselves.