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Tuesday, Jan 19th

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Research carried out on behalf of LG Business Solutions shows increasing sophistication

LG Business Solutions Research Shows Growing Awareness of the Benefits of LED and Other New Screen Technologies Survey shows consumers are keeping abreast of new developments and are fully aware of new advances Slough,

Research carried out on behalf of LG Business Solutions suggests an increasing sophistication amongst consumers about new screen technologies - and a growing awareness of the advantages of LED technology. Whereas 61% of those polled said that they had never heard of Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) technology (used for old-style screens),59% claimed to be aware of at least some of features and benefits of LED.

LG Business Solutions today launched its new range of LED monitors and TV/monitors in the UK at the Future Gallery in London. The range sets a new benchmark in picture quality for monitors and includes a new LG 3D gaming monitor, which was shown in action for the first time.

“Consumers are growing accustomed to exceptional standards of resolution on their TVs and are now expecting the same quality of image on computer screens too. This is particularly the case now that monitors are used to watch films, to catch up on TV or to play games, says Warren Lewis, sales director, LG Business Solutions. “I believe this research reflects the excitement and interest in the market surrounding the stunning picture quality now possible
using these new technologies.”

The majority of respondents to the survey also claimed to be confident in their knowledge of plasma screens (53% and 49% respectively said they were aware of features and technology).

However, predictably, fewer knew as much about emerging OLED (or Organic LED) with 80% admitting they hadn’t yet heard of it.

It is not surprising that, with so much activity surrounding screen technologies over the past few years, some consumers did admit to confusion over the different technologies and theiracronyms. However, only 19% said that this could cloud their buying decisions – although this figure was higher among women only (26%) and the 55 years-plus age group (23%).

Other findings included:

 Other than price, picture quality was the top benefit considered when purchasing a monitor. A total of 42% named this as their main concern– whereas only 13% were looking for the largest screen for the price.

 Only 4% of the sample admitted to buying on impulse, with 44% relying on internet research and 20% on friends and colleagues for guidance.

 On the whole, the men asked were far more likely to claim that they knew about the technology. For example, when it came to LED, 31% said they completely understood the technology, compared to 11% of women.

The research was carried out by Vision Critical who spoke to over 2,000 respondents across the UK and covering a complete range of age groups.

LED stands for light emitting diodes. LEDs are used in these screens to backlight the display rather than the fluorescent lights used in traditional LCD televisions. Consequently, monitors can be even slimmer than before and provide superb picture quality. They also use significantly less energy than LCD or plasma screens.