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Wednesday, Sep 23rd

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LG Launches New 3D monitor in the Channel

LG LED TV-Side-angle

LG’s New 3D Gaming Monitor Offers the Highest Ever Picture Quality  LG Electronics Business Solutions today showcases the new 3D monitor , especially developed for gaming.


 The W63D offers exceptional 3D picture quality in full HD and its ultra-fast response time eliminates the “ghosting” or shaky image often experienced when games are played at speed or when watching action films.

“3D is key to the continuing success of the media and entertainment industry – and there is now no reason why those enjoying 3D games and movies shouldn’t also have the benefit of exceptional picture quality too,” says Warren Lewis, UK sales director, LG Business Solutions.

Through LG’s innovative technologies, the W63D sets the standards for 3D games.
Full HD 3D The W63D provides full HD resolution with a huge contrast ratio of 70,000:1 and 120Hz for a screen refresh rate of 120 per second. As a result, the W63D delivers images that are sharp and clear with full HD resolution which is twice that of regular HD.

When playing high-speed 3D games on a typical monitor, “crosstalk” or blurred images can sometimes spoil the enjoyment. The W63D uses a data processing speed of 172Hz per second to greatly reduce ghosting, making it possible to watch vivid realistic 3D mages for long periods.

Best sound too
The W63D is also optimised for 3D viewing in other ways. With a picture especially tuned to maximise the depth of 3D images, it automatically displays the optimum brightness for viewing the screen through 3D glasses. Of course, for other content, users can also adjust the brightness as preferred.

The W63D also offers the best in 3D sound. Equipped with SRS Tru-surround HD optimised for 3D contents, the sound appears to emanate from the images onscreen, rather than the speakers.
By optimising the bass, the W63D also delivers clarity at high frequencies and clear vocal sounds, while different sound settings for earphones and speakers ensure the ultimate listening experience in any mode.

Exceptional 2D
The W63D also delivers images that are just as exceptional in 2D as they are in 3D. In particular, with its 2D Thru mode, gamers can see the action in real time, letting them respond immediately rather than have to wait for several frames.

W63D users can also make games even more exciting with Tru-Light, an optional lighting function similar to the equaliser system on audio devices. Used only in specific high-action situations, Tru-light makes the action fizz, for an even more gripping experience.

Slough, 29 September 2010