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LG launches new LEDs TV quality monitors for SMBs

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New research from LG Business Solutions concludes SMBs understand LED and want TV quality monitors. The Latest LG research shows good understanding of screen technologies by business people empowered with knowledge from the internet –


The latest research carried out by LG Business Solutions reveals strong awareness and understanding of screen technologies – including LED – particularly in the small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) sector.

As part of a major research programme to gather market intelligence among consumer and B2B markets on the latest screen technologies, LG Business Solutions commissioned independent researchers to poll over 2,000 consumers and business people in September 2010. The results, published today – in conjunction with
the showcase event for LG’s LED monitors – provide insight into their knowledge and understanding of the latest monitor solutions.

An overwhelming 88% of business managers/directors claim awareness of at least some of the features and technologies behind LED. And more than a quarter (26%) claim to fully understand the products and technologies behind it. This technical knowledge may reflect the high proportion of creative businesses in
the sample – retail, IT/technology and creative/media businesses comprised over a third of those polled – for whom the superior picture quality of LED monitors would be of fundamental importance.

The research also reveals the important role of the internet in informing technology purchase decisions. According to the new LG research, SMBs consult a range of sources for opinions and advice on technical purchases – such as monitors – and 63% rely on desk research, including googling manufacturers, online
technical forums and blogs, in addition to consulting technical magazines like Wired.

When considering purchasing a monitor, 64% of businesses claim picture quality as their overriding consideration, followed by 43% citing a good price. Large screen size is important for 36% and 22% believe cost efficiency is important, with businesses wanting confidence that their technology will be economic to
run. The ability of LED monitors to deliver cost-effective and green technology is therefore not lost on them.

LG Business Solutions today showcased its comprehensive range of LED monitors at the Future Gallery in London’s West End. The range sets a new benchmark in monitor picture quality and includes a new LG 3D gaming monitor, which was demonstrated in the UK for the first time.

Also showcased at the event were the new LG LED Business Monitors series, specifically designed to cut costs and increase energy efficiency in the workplace and delivering 40% better energy efficiency than conventional LCD monitors. Further, the enhanced resolution available through the LG Super+ range
produces the clearest picture yet from a business monitor.

“When buying technology for the workplace, today’s users have higher standards and expectations than ever before and they’re expecting the same quality on computer screens as they get on TV or in the cinema,” says

Warren Lewis, sales director at LG Business Solutions. “The Super + Resolution, LG’s proprietary technology is the result of years of research by LG into picture resolution for monitors, delivering rich, ultra high definition pictures that represent the best quality available on monitors today. What’s more, LG LED business monitors are 40% more energy efficient so they help with green compliance and save money,” he adds.

The LG LED research was commissioned by LG and conducted by independent research firm, Vision Critical, who polled over 2,000 UK consumers and businesses across a range of sectors, industries and geographical regions. The research was carried out in September 2010.

LED stands for light emitting diodes; these are used in monitor and TV screens to backlight the display instead of the traditional fluorescent lights used in LCD screens. Because of this, LED monitors can be slimmer and provide superb picture quality, whilst using much less energy than LCD or plasma screens. All
LG LED monitors are free of hazardous materials such as mercury or halogen.

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