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Monday, May 20th

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In Costa Rica, our money grows on trees " now lets include the channel

 Costa Rica , known as one of the best for farming countries in the Western Hemisphere , has now taken up the cultivation of biofuels.

In the near future , the Republic is planning to active introduction to the world markets of this industry. One of the programs , particularly attracted the attention of foreign investors, called Multi Purpose Real Estate (MPRE), or multi-purpose real estate .

The program combines a strategy for evaluating capital investment in one of the most profitable at the moment of sectors - biofuels. Project management for the " green investors " the company does United Biofuels of America (UBA). This is the first consulting and real estate development , Organization for biofuels in Central America.

The new program offers a multi-purpose real estate to current or prospective investors in Costa Rica, to make alterations to the land , which otherwise would have remained unused , and take her for growing environmental energy sources. Such a strategy would bring the owners of land additional income and raise the cost of their property on the market.

According to the manager of UBA, by Michael Klein , the company provides to all interested investors a guarantee on the productivity and profitability of your next site . Through ongoing collaboration with the government of Costa Rica, the project MPRE has legal support . In addition , the corporation has established links with airlines running on biofuel. Daily demand for it is up to 1 million gallons.

Thus, for macro and micro -investors in Costa Rica, the money literally grows on trees . Biofuels now benefit not only the environment but also the enterprising investors.